Simpl3r is

Simpl3r is an all-in-one solution for NFT creators to
manage their collections, collaborate with others and market their projects


Advanced Holder Verification

Simpl3r Verify makes it easier for communities to gate keep their Discord, allowing only holders to unlock special channels.

Easy to use and automated
Secures the community from scams
Keeps Discord servers safe and channels private with access for NFT holders
All wallet connections are temporary - keeping holders safe
Real-time insights into community
Allows team to focus on creating holder-focused communities immediately post-mint
Creators can stop de-activated NFTs from entering or you can give them roles
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Protect your creator royalties

Prot3ct has been designed to automate the royalty enforcement process, creating a set and forget solution to 0% royalty theft.

Set and Forget
Fully Automated
On-chain enforcement of Royalties
Constantly monitoring optional royalty marketplaces
Prot3ct API available
Fully Customizable
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Prot3ct Just Works

In the last 24 hours...



Paid Full Royalties



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Powerful Insights into your Community.

Simpl3r provides an all-in-one solution for NFT project launches, whitelists, collaborations, customer and marketing analytics plus viral community growth
pre and post launch.

Simpl3r is a game-changer for
NFT creators and investors

Simpl3r is a tool for managing your community that aims to make it easier for NFT creators to establish their community, grow it over time, and reward users who help out.