Protect your creator royalties

Prot3ct has been designed to automate the royalty enforcement process, creating a set and forget solution to 0% royalty theft.

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Built to make protecting your royalties simpler

Royalties are the fuel that drives innovation on Solana.

The Prot3ct Odin protocol automatically detects any NFT in your collection that interacts with an optional royalty marketplace.

Prot3ct can be configured to:

  • Automatically edits metadata to remove project IP and replace image with warning the purchaser to pay full royalties
  • No metadata change but block community access, utility and staking

Prot3ct is on chain enforcement of royalties that works by deactivating NFTs on optional royalty marketplaces until they either:

  • Delist as a seller or
  • Settle the royalties as a buyer

Prot3ct tracks sales but doesn’t restrict movement or ownership rights and never blocks or freezes NFTs.  Prot3ct is fully automated & allows the free movement of NFTs, ensuring holders NFT retain their full rights to their own NFTs.

Core features that help enforce your royalties.

We're always improving and adding features to Protect.

API Available
NFT Traits
Add Additional Collections
Additional Overlay Options
Set & Forget

Simpl3r Prot3ct is

Set and Forget
Fully Automated
On-chain enforcement of Royalties
Constantly monitoring optional royalty marketplaces
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Simpl3r is a custom built CRM platform utilizing on & off chain data to enrich the platform's Sales, Marketing Engagement and Services Hubs. Each hub houses specialized tools designed to make each aspect of running a web3 company Simpl3r.

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The current NFT universe is chaotic & fraught with pitfalls - we know, we’ve been there.

But we found a way through it - that’s why we created Simpl3r.

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