Advanced Holder Verification

Simpl3r Verify makes it easier for communities to gate keep their Discord, allowing only holders to unlock special channels.

Onboarded Clients

Seamlessly install Simpl3r v3rify to gatekeep your holders to exclusive channels.

V3rify is an advanced holder verification system designed to deliver seamless onboarding of your community members. New members with a Simpl3r account will only need to press the v3rify button to be instantly registered and verified within the server.

New users will need to sign up for a Simpl3r account which takes only a few moments to complete before they can verify. This product is already running on multiple servers with great success.
When used in conjunction with prot3ct, v3rify will automatically redirect any new member with a deactivated NFT from your collection to your project royalties page so that the outstanding royalties can be collected before the NFT is reactivated.

Once the NFT is reactivated the holder will be able to return to discord where they can simply select the v3rify button to get the verified role. 

Cost to Project: 1 Bounty Hunter - Held in project wallet 


The Benefits of V3rify

Easy to use and automated
Secures the community from scams
Keeps Discord servers safe and channels private with access for NFT holders
Checks constantly to prevent previous owners from keeping access
All wallet connections are temporary - keeping holders safe
Real-time insights into community
Allows team to focus on creating holder-focused communities immediately post-mint
Creators can stop de-activated NFTs from completely entering or you can give them roles
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Seamless and Easy

Your Simpl3r account is your passport to a simpler web3 experience
Simple sign up and account creation
One click verification via Discord
Connect up to 4 different wallets so you'll never lose your roles again when moving your NFTs
Accepts connections of multi wallets (including ETH, SOL and Ledger)
100% Secure
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V3rify goes hand in hand with 🤝

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Simpl3r is a custom built CRM platform utilizing on & off chain data to enrich the platform's Sales, Marketing Engagement and Services Hubs. Each hub houses specialized tools designed to make each aspect of running a web3 company Simpl3r.

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